Saturday, 13 October 2007

First Week

So, my first week at Thoughtworks is over.
It has been really intense, and I am exhausted.
Monday was the normal admin stuff that you deal with on your first day at any company.
Tuesday, I got assigned to a beach project (an internal non-billable project) and also asked to help out with some server migration for another project.
At least I have managed to deliver some value this week, which is nice.

Tuesday evening was Ruby Tuesday, which was interesting (and pizza was provided). You can do some crazy things with Ruby. One of the most interesting was a demonstration of defining methods on Numeric in order to convert units of length.

I don't think I got back home much before 9pm most days, and my poor couch potato legs have had to cope with walking for an hour each day.

There is a lot of energy in the TW office. You can almost feel it buzzing. So, even though I am tired, I have had a really good time.

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Jayesh said...

Thanks Andy for this post (despite the hectic schedule)
I admire ThoughtWorks as a company and am always looking for a sneak peek of what goes on inside.